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Mission to the Stars: Book One: The Search for FTL
No great ball of flame erupts from StarDancerís cryogenic tanks, and no white-hot flames engulf the cockpit. Just silence and a trail of debris, frozen fluids and vapor are all thatís left of Jeff and Jennifer Bindlís attempt to travel faster than the speed of light.

Now, the four sons of the space travelers who lost their lives are thrust into the spotlight as the worldís only private space corporation investigates the accident to determine what went wrong and how the impossible feat might yet be achieved.

Alec, the oldest brother, must battle internal demons as he seeks to determine whether to join his brothers to pursue what their parents could never accomplish: FTL, or traveling faster than light. Ty and Orion, the twins in the middle, must assume positions of responsibility far earlier than anticipated. And the youngest, Zach, must show that his immense intellect can usher in a new era of creativity for space travel and world security.

But in order to accomplish mankindís greatest achievement, the brothers must overcome a myriad of obstacles, danger and surprises as they seek their collective destiny in Mission to the Stars.
Mission to the Stars: Book Two: Hostile Takeover
Book Two is well underway and taking shape! I feel that it will be a worthy successor! You will
get to follow the further adventures of the Bindl brothers and all their friends! There is no firm release date yet but hopefully it will be toward the end of the year. Come back in Mid July 2010 for a brief peek at Hostile Takeover!
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