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Time for an update!!

by on May.27, 2013, under Book 1 : The Search For FTL, News

Some exciting things are happening in my writing world!

Book One: The Search for FTL (Second Edition Coming Soon!!)

For those of you who have read and enjoyed Book One: The Search for FTL in the Mission to the Stars series, I have heard your comments! Most of you have told me that you have enjoyed the story very much but found that it could have been edited better. I couldn’t agree more. Some of you were aware that Book One was my first novel and that I edited it myself. Since then I have obtained an editor and worked with very closely with her on the second book in the series, Hostile Takeover. The feedback has been extremely positive! Thank-you!

With that in mind, I am excited to tell you that we are hard at work on the completely re-edited Second Edition of Book One. We are hoping to re-release a new and improved version of The Search for FTL shortly.  So hold onto those originals because you never know!

Waiting for Book Three in the series?

Not to worry! Book Three: Arbitration is completed and also in the capable hands of my editor. We are projecting a September release, but that is subject to change due to any number of circumstances. But, I am confident we can meet that release date!  So stayed tuned for more on Mission to the Stars: Arbitration!

New projects?

The Mission to the Stars series is on hold for now, but don’t worry; the Bindl’s will return! I am beginning an entirely new novel. I have been roughing this one out for about two years and am excited to finally be able to give this book my full attention! I will be posting updates as we move along! The working title is Moonfleet.

Enter to Win!!

Would you like to win a signed copy of the Second Edition of Mission to the Stars: The Search for FTL?

It is simple! Just send an email to stardancerftl@yahoo.com in the subject line put: In it to win it! (That must be in the subject line or your entry may be deleted) Then in the body of the email just put your name, email address and where you reside (No mailing address yet. If you are a winner, I will get your mailing address at that time). I will accept all email admissions until Midnight, Friday August 2nd. I will take all the names and 2 will be randomly selected! I will then email the winners and notify them of their good fortune! A mailing address will be requested in that email. The books will be signed and shipped!

It’s that easy!! Good luck to all who enter!

Happy reading!!

Ted Iverson

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Hello to one and all!!

by on Oct.14, 2012, under News

After three and a half long years the wait is over!! The second book in the Mission to the Stars series, Hostile Takeover, is published and available for purchase! It is available through Amazon, Smashwords and Create Space. Soon it will be available through Barnes & Noble and many other online sites!

In my last post I mentioned that I was changing the character names. Not to worry, I did not! So the characters you know and love are still here.  Please look at the events section often, as I will be out and about promoting Hostile Takeover.

 A small group of ships, containing androids are jettisoned moments before the destruction of their ship, StarDancer. They hurtle toward a strange planet and pass through its unstable atmosphere leaving them changed, marooned, and bent on revenge for the humans that have forgotten them.

Arriving at the planet, Parens, years later, Orion and Zach Bindl uncover a startling fact. Droids with their corporation’s positronic signatures inhabit the planet. This leads to an impulsive decision by young Zach that leaves him stranded on the planet’s surface, unwittingly handing the droids a means for escape.

Once again the Bindl’s must enlist the help of their colleagues. Together they must try to stop the Droids in their quest for a Hostile Takeover!

Book three is moving along at a fast clip. ( Already 1/3rd written!)  Its working title is Mission to the Stars: Arbitration. Here is a quick peek!

Eighty percent of an Alien race is destroyed by an Extinction Level Event. After the devastation, a controversy breaks out among the survivors and divides them for 200 years. Then another ELE is upon them, and for a brief moment in time their race is reunited. After the danger passes the controversy reignites with a greater furor in which violence breaks out.

Just when all is thought lost; a truce, that includes colonization of a distant planet, surfaces bringing hope for a lasting peace. Soon thirty percent of the population is rocketed off the planet to an uninhabited but survivable world. Upon their arrival they soon realized that it was a one way trip.

Decades later, still fueled by rage and hatred, those stranded launch a bio weapon, capable of destroying every living thing, toward its home world. But it never arrives…

750 years later Zach Bindl and his mining crew find the WMD captured in orbit around a large planetoid in the Kupier Belt. Zach and his brothers discover its original destination and plan a sojourn to the planet. Upon their arrival they find that by bringing the deactivated weapon with, a millennia old war is reopened. If the Bindl brothers can’t diffuse this situation it will mean the end of the Aliens, both their planets, and possibly  Earth…

I encourage feedback. Please drop me an email to let me know what you think of this preview and also Hostile Takeover!


Ted Iverson

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Hello to all!

by on May.26, 2012, under Book 2 : Hostile Takeover, News

I have some new and exciting news to share! First off in my last post I had said that I was changing the names of my characters, well after most readers I talked to informed me of what a bad idea it was I had to agree. So I have decided not to change them. Thanks to everyone for your valuable input!! With that in mind the second book in the Mission to the
Stars series, Hostile Takeover, has arrived at the editors. There is no firm date for publication yet but I will be keeping you informed as to a release date when I get some news on that end.

One more bit of news on the subject of Mission to the Stars. The third book will be a little different in that I will delve more into the sci-fi side of things. The outline is coming along nicely and I really an excited where the series is going and I hope you all will be also!

Some other publishing news for everyone. I have decided to put two of my short stories into one small novella. I hope to have it out for many of the e-readers within the next month. Followed by a release of the paperback! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

As I’ve mentioned before thank you for being patient over the last three years while waiting for the second book. I hope that it will be worth the wait!


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Back after Hiatus!

by on Jul.29, 2011, under News

I’m back after an extended layoff. My apologies to everyone. I’ll try to explain quickly. I had a small problem. It is what every writer fears. No, not writers block. I lost Book Two. Somehow it disappeared from my computer. Backups also and I can’t explain it. But after several months of being disappointed and almost saying “Well that’s it time to start over.” Things began to fall into place. My editor found most of the chapters and I recently found hard copies of the rest. So with many backups in place I’m back to writing full force!

In this new update I have added chapter four and chapters one through three have been updated as well. I hope you enjoy and I am looking forward to your feedback! Click here to read the preview of Hostile Takeover.

There are some changes in this version though. After careful consideration and suggestions by some editors and agents, I am changing the Bindl boys’ names. Alec will now be Orion, Ty will now be Castor, Orion will now be Pollux, and Zach is Skye. While it took me time to wrap my own mind around this big change I have gotten used to it and actually like the change. But this means that Book One is in the middle of a second edition change so we can insert the new names. If you have Book One now hang on to it! Who knows Right?

So with all that said it’s time to get back to writing! I am hoping to have Hostile Takeover’s first draft done by December. Also one last small note. I’ve started a completely different project called Moonfleet. I’ll keep you all posted on that as well.

Thanks for all your patience!

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The First Short Story Arrives!!

by on Aug.19, 2010, under News

Hello everyone! Finally after months of teasing you, the first story about the Bindl’s is here! Remember Jeff? He was the boy’s father and this story will give you some details and insights about some events in Book One. Please leave your comments! Look for the story in the Short Stories Page (Link to the right on the sidebar). So sit back and enjoy! Please feel free to leave your comments.

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by on Oct.20, 2009, under News

On October 19th my novel was selected as one of the top finalists in the National Best Books 2009 Awards,  www.usabooknews.com sponsored by USA Book News. It is quite an honor!

“Mission to the Stars by Ted Iverson is a captivating novel about a family dedicated to making the impossible possible and the forces that conspire against them.” “Readers will enjoy reading the Bindl brothers’ pursuit of truth and justice. Just as fascinating are the possibilities Iverson presents for the future.” “Iverson’s first novel is an ambitious take on the future of space travel.” Clarion Reviews

I am very thankful to USA Book News for giving me the opportunity to showcase my novel. Visit their website to view great books!

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Book Available Online

by on May.12, 2009, under Book 1 : The Search For FTL, Books, News

Mission to the Stars went live on 04-24-09 on several online stores. Feed back in this short time has been really positve and I’d like to thank you all for that. With that being said, June promises to be very exciting. We will be making a large publicity push in the midwest. The press release will be going out to Minneapolis MN, Milwaukee, WI, and St. Loius, MO. Also I will be making old fashioned grass roots effort to publicize the book in Rockford IL, Madison, WI, and Des Moines, IA! And with any luck, by the end of June, mid July you all will be seeing the book arrive in books stores in Northern IL. and Southern WI. After that we’ll shoot for IA. and MN. Thanks again for everyones support. With any luck I’ll be signing your book shortly! Ted

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