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by on Oct.14, 2012, under News

After three and a half long years the wait is over!! The second book in the Mission to the Stars series, Hostile Takeover, is published and available for purchase! It is available through Amazon, Smashwords and Create Space. Soon it will be available through Barnes & Noble and many other online sites!

In my last post I mentioned that I was changing the character names. Not to worry, I did not! So the characters you know and love are still here.  Please look at the events section often, as I will be out and about promoting Hostile Takeover.

 A small group of ships, containing androids are jettisoned moments before the destruction of their ship, StarDancer. They hurtle toward a strange planet and pass through its unstable atmosphere leaving them changed, marooned, and bent on revenge for the humans that have forgotten them.

Arriving at the planet, Parens, years later, Orion and Zach Bindl uncover a startling fact. Droids with their corporation’s positronic signatures inhabit the planet. This leads to an impulsive decision by young Zach that leaves him stranded on the planet’s surface, unwittingly handing the droids a means for escape.

Once again the Bindl’s must enlist the help of their colleagues. Together they must try to stop the Droids in their quest for a Hostile Takeover!

Book three is moving along at a fast clip. ( Already 1/3rd written!)  Its working title is Mission to the Stars: Arbitration. Here is a quick peek!

Eighty percent of an Alien race is destroyed by an Extinction Level Event. After the devastation, a controversy breaks out among the survivors and divides them for 200 years. Then another ELE is upon them, and for a brief moment in time their race is reunited. After the danger passes the controversy reignites with a greater furor in which violence breaks out.

Just when all is thought lost; a truce, that includes colonization of a distant planet, surfaces bringing hope for a lasting peace. Soon thirty percent of the population is rocketed off the planet to an uninhabited but survivable world. Upon their arrival they soon realized that it was a one way trip.

Decades later, still fueled by rage and hatred, those stranded launch a bio weapon, capable of destroying every living thing, toward its home world. But it never arrives…

750 years later Zach Bindl and his mining crew find the WMD captured in orbit around a large planetoid in the Kupier Belt. Zach and his brothers discover its original destination and plan a sojourn to the planet. Upon their arrival they find that by bringing the deactivated weapon with, a millennia old war is reopened. If the Bindl brothers can’t diffuse this situation it will mean the end of the Aliens, both their planets, and possibly  Earth…

I encourage feedback. Please drop me an email to let me know what you think of this preview and also Hostile Takeover!


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